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CranioMandibular Rehab, Inc.




CranioRehab specializes in equipment for the head, neck TMJ and mouth. We work with patients of head & neck cancer, strokes, post-surgical recovery, and craniofacial disorders.

We provide billing options to maximize coverage and expand access to superior care. We bill private insurance, Medicare, Tricare and some Medicaid. 

Contact us for a FREE ORASTRETCH press demonstration device, and for sample Salvate and NutriSqueeze bottles. 



Our products include: 

  • ORASTRETCH Press System for trismus & joint dysfunction,
  • SALVATE home hydration system for xerostomia, 
  • TONGUEOMETER trainer for dysphagia,
  • SALIVAMAX rinse and ORAPEUTIC gel for mucositis,

Plus our NUTRISQUEEZE bottles for liquid diets, the CRYOJAW surgical recovery system, and DYNACLEFT and Dynamic Tissue System tapes. 

Learn more at

JAW FUNCTION and TRISMUS with Head & Neck Cancer
CranioRehab Orofacial Rehab Devices
The ToungeometerTM System


Address: 2600 W 29th Ave, Ste 102G, Denver, CO, 80211
Phone Number: 
Email: Rob Christensen (, Sarah Schuman CCC-SLP



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