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You may be asking why a pill swallowing gel? Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel makes swallowing pills easy when patients cannot swallow pills with water for many reasons, including age, emotional and physiological conditions. Phazix is a new option to swallow pills and can take the place of water, mixing with food carriers, and crushing pills and mixing with food carriers. With its unique water-based formulation and all-natural ingredients, Phazix provides a slippery, sweet swallowing experience to carry pills smoothly to the stomach and delivered to the body the way the manufacturer intended. Phazix has no known interactions with drugs and doesn’t affect or cause a delay in dissolution.

Visit for more information and to order samples for you and your patients. 

Our new pill swallowing gel is available under two names right now, Phazix for consumers and acute care, and Assure Slide for long term care. In the near future, Assure Slide will change names to Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel for Professional Healthcare.

Click here to view our Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel healthcare professional brochure

Address: 5182 W 76th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55439
Phone Number: 800-818-8877


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