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Annual Dues Policy

Dear Valued Member: 

Since 1991, the Dysphagia Research Society has served the community of researchers and clinicians with an array of services that facilitate the important work we do for patients with swallowing impairments. With ever-increasing emphasis on e-learning and communication, there is potential for developing many options that would allow you greater flexibility in how you benefit from your Dysphagia Research Society. It is a very exciting time for the organization.

The revenue from annual member dues allows us to continue and expand our work. What you may not realize is that at any point in time, up to one third of our members are delinquent with their dues payments. This places a heavy burden on efforts to continue and expand membership benefits.

We need you, and all like you, who benefit from and contribute to the DRS, to pay your annual dues in a timely manner so we can continue to meet and exceed the dynamic expectations of a changing DRS. Our members’ financial support, through annual dues contributions, is vital to the ongoing activities of the Society and allows us to provide members with valuable benefits.*

The DRS is pleased to provide the following options for quick and convenient annual dues renewal:

Option 1: Automatic Annual Renewal  Never forget to pay your dues again! 
By selecting this option, you authorize the DRS to charge your card on file for annual dues upon membership expiration (December 31st each year).

Option 2: Standard Membership Renewal –
With this option, you will log in to your member account at to pay dues annually. Dues payments are due January 1st each year.

Whether you submit your annual dues payment via automatic or standard renewal, your payment will be applied to open invoices chronologically (ex: 2017, 2018), rather than towards the most recent year first. So, it is important to pay dues annually to maintain a membership in good standing.

Keeping your dues current allows you to benefit from all that membership offers. Most importantly, you contribute to an organization that has served researchers, clinicians, and patients over the past quarter of a century. Your timely dues payments not only allow us to keep meeting registration fees manageable but are critical for expanding membership benefits into the exciting age of flexible online education and engagement.

Members who are in arrears for one year will be removed from DRS membership roster. Members who wish to be reinstated into the Society must pay an administrative/processing fee of $150 for Full Members and $100 for Associate Members.

Thank you for your continued support!

*Members wishing to take advantage of the discounted meeting registration rate must be current on all dues payments by the first day of the Annual Meeting. 
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