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Code of Conduct

This code provides responsibilities and guiding principles of conduct for all members of the Dysphagia Research Society (DRS) and those non-members attending the annual meeting and/or communicating on the DRS web-site. It is the mission of DRS to: advance the knowledge of normal and disordered swallowing; foster new methodologies and instrumentation in dysphagia research and its clinical applications; attract new investigators to the field in a collegial and supportive environment; encourage interdisciplinary research and dissemination of knowledge; enhance the professional growth of all members; and provide a multidisciplinary forum for the presentation of research. In fulfilling this mission, DRS members and participating non-members have professional obligations to their colleagues, students, patients, and the public as well as to their science.


In support of these obligations, this Code aims to:

  • Further understand normal and disordered swallowing through open and honest communication of research

  • Ensure appropriate accessibility of accurate and reliable information to educators, students, patients, policy makers, and the public
  • Encourage supportive education and training to junior investigators
  • Ensure dissemination and discussion of information in a respectful, supportive and collegial manner at scientific meetings and during online forum discussions


A DRS member and participating non-member shall:

  1. Respect objectivity and truth in all professional endeavors

  2. Ensure that scientific contributions are thorough, accurate, and unbiased in design, implementation, and presentation

  3. Maintain integrity in all conduct and publications, and give due credit to the contributions of others. Conflicts of interest and scientific misconduct, such as fabrication, falsification omission/suppression of results, and plagiarism, are incompatible with this Code

  4. Be respectful and considerate of all colleagues during question and answer sessions and discussions at the annual meeting

  5. Value and respect other members’ opinions and clinical judgments posted on the online clinical case study forum

  6. Mentor and encourage all students and junior investigators in a manner that is open-minded, objective and enthusiastic; promotes curiosity, and recognizes that education is a fundamental trust conferred by society for the promotion of the student's learning and professional development

  7. Encourage, support and guide students and junior investigators new to the field


The DRS has a zero tolerance policy for any breaches to the aforementioned code of conduct.  The Ad Hoc Rules of Conduct Committee will issue an initial warning to a member who is identified as breaching the code of conduct.  If a further breach is made, this member will forfeit the right to approach the microphone at the professional meeting or comment on the online forum for a 12-month period. In addition, this member will not be allowed to moderate any sessions during the next annual meeting.


  • Unprofessional commentary on DRS on-line case forum, including disrespectful, derogatory or inflammatory statements directed at another member
  • Disrespectful, derogatory or inappropriate language, tone or commentary during question and answer sessions at the annual meeting
  • Intimidation of a student or junior investigator during question and answer sessions at the annual meeting


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