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Message From the President: March 25, 2020

Wednesday, March 25, 2020  

Message from the President

Dear DRS members and friends

Those of you working in the trenches are dealing with many obstacles. Our ability to perform FEES or VFSS on patients with dysphagia has been severely restricted and many other AGPs (aerosol generating procedures) procedures are impacted as well, including laryngectomy care and tracheostomy care. 

The following are links to various professional groups that have generated guidelines, advisories, and new regulations:

It is a sad day when our care to patients has to be compromised.    I don’t think anyone could say it better than Anna Miles, who wrote:

It's a very tough time and for many patients, sadly, avoiding spread of disease to and from health professionals is a higher priority than a thorough dysphagia assessment. Internationally, we are step by step being asked to remove FEES, cough testing, voluntary cough strength assessment, close examination of the oral cavity .... and transportation to VFSS.   I feel, as SLPs, we need to be brave and be a team player and offer as much as possible with the least contact as possible. We are skilled clinicians. We glean a lot from a conversation with a medical team and a review of medical notes. We are going to have to work with sub-optimal assessment for a long time. Anything we can do to support clinicians to do this skillfully is worthwhile.

Take care of yourself as well as your patients.


Susan E Langmore, PhD, CCC-SLP

DRS President 2019-2020

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